Trust Categories of Interest

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Trust Categories of Interest

The Trustees look for clear, realistic and attainable aims. Grants vary, but most lie between £500 and £5,000. There is a separate simplified Grant Form (Small Grants) for grants £500.

Even though an application may fall within one or more of the categories, applicants should note that this does not signify that a grant will be made. There is a finite limit to the funds available and, invariably, categories are substantially over-subscribed. The Trustees reserve their right to exercise their discretion at all times, particularly when over-subscription applies.
The Trustees, while recognising that it is often difficult to raise core/revenue funding, and therefore being prepared to consider core/revenue grants in extreme circumstances, will nonetheless favour project funding.

Currently the major categories under which the Trustees consider support are:

  • Advancement of Education
  • Christian Work or Worship
  • Advancement of Community Development
  • Rural and Urban Regeneration
  • Advancement of the Arts and Science
  • The Provision of Recreational Facilities