Additional Guidance and Feedback

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Additional Guidance and Feedback

From time-to-time, additional guidance and feedback can be useful for applicants. The following are provided for this purpose:

Applicants of the main Grant form sometimes fail to complete Part C1, preferring instead to refer to copious attached documents. Again, this is wasted effort, since applications of this nature will not generally be taken forward. There are many other worthy causes that require urgent support. The Trust will expect you to explain what you need and state the justification for the requirement at Part C1. Referral to other documents more often than not places this burden upon the reader. Moreover, the space available at C1 gives an indication of the amount of information required – about one page, so please do not provide too much.

If applications are received unsigned. They will not progress in this form and will be returned.

Given the deadlines in force, considerable time can pass before applications reach the final assessment stages. Financial circumstances can change significantly in this time and some requirements are even met from other sources. The Trust is always delighted to hear this, but it is vital that the latest funding situation is provided at regular intervals. Funds are always tight, so what you no longer need may then be directed elsewhere. Withdrawn applications do not normally face a time-bar.